Founded in 1994, EFENG Molding Technology (EMTECH) is dedicated to development and manufacture of molds and equipment for plastic pipe and fitting system。 The company’s main body is Hubei EFENG Mold Co。,Ltd。, a fitting mold maker with over two decades experience in the sector。 Our serialized and standardized fitting molds have been supplied to over 30 countries and regions。 EMTECH is the vice president company of China Die&Mold Industry Association (CDMIA)。 Our reliable molding products and attentive service help us to earn the good reputation in the industry。

     EMTECH believe only reliable quality can create value, only continuous innovation can upgrade the industry. Based on years of experience and research on plastic pipe and fitting market, EMTECH developed and innovated High Volume Injection Socketing Machine for municipal pipeline and Peristaltic Extrusion Machine. Because of high practicability and efficiency, these patented equipment have been acknowledged by the domestic market and start to export to overseas. Together with customers, EMTECH is continuously fulfilling our goal: Shape the World, Share the Future.

Business Scope  It's all about pipe and fitting molding


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